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instead of “bro” just say “onii-chan”

you’re looking fucking jacked, onii-chan

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be a pal and like people’s text posts. reblog their selfies. respond to their questions. even if you don’t know the answer and even if you’ve never really talked to them before. there’s nothing worse that feeling alone on a website where everyone promotes love and friendship.

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its so fucked up trying 2 explain kpop to someone who doesn’t like kpop like how the fuck do you explain comebacks and music show promotions their strange as fuck fan service and how in the lords name do u show someone fantastic baby or wolf or catallena without cringing like fuck is kpop even real im starting to think its all one big fever dream

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you’re cute but you’re not park jimin

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Opening ceremony
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Opening ceremony

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Bangtan is nominated in the Choreography, Song, Mini-Album, and Hip-hop/R’n’B categories! You can vote until September 15th.

alright and because it says ONLY VOTES FROM EUROPEAN FANS COUNT use my fav handy dandy browser extension hola to trick the site into thinking you are European and getting your vote counted.

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i went shopping for school supplies yesterday

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